Boiling of Massecuite in Batch Pan is very critical operation as the Super Saturation of Boiling liquid inside the pan should be maintained in a very narrow range. Inattentiveness of the operator will lead to increased number of water drinks to dissolve the false grain and thereby increasing the Steam/Vapour requirement. In the present day energy conservation such type of laxity is not affordable.
Thus it has become inevitable to go for Automation of Batch Pan with Feed Control, to maintain the Massecuite inside the Boiling Pan at Super Saturation, corresponding to metastable zone. Brix of Massecuite inside the Pan are monitored continuously and feed liquor to the Pan is controlled automatically. Calendria steam pressure is monitored and steam flow to pan is regulated. All other operations like selection of feed liquor, seed slurry feeding, control of Vacuum, Vacuum breaking, Pan washing, Discharge valve operation also will be automated accordingly. Automation of the above will help in :

  • Reducing Steam consumption
  • Increasing the Pan floor capacity
  • Uniform crystal size helps in avoiding recirculation of sugar by melting.
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