Drawout MCC & PCC Panels

Drawout MCC & PCC Panels

Draw out Motor Control Centre is designed, engineered and manufactured for switching and protecting Electric motors, resistive and capacitive loads connected to a low voltage circuit employing an economical multitier, constructions and modular design and online feeder replacement by providing zero break down facility to the respective Feeder. Modular construction Provides future expandability by merging the Consecutive Feeders.

This Draw out MCC houses in a self-contained module, a Main SFU, MCCB, Contactors, Bimetallic O/L Relays, Other Control devices and Circuit Elements. The MCC is designed to meet as per IS, IEC & BS.

Advantages of Draw out Panels

  • Ensures Operator Safety
  • Low down Time.
  • Easy Replacement.
  • Totally Enclosed Busbar System, Prevents accidental contacts and Short Circuit.
  • Feeders are Modular, Interchangeable and Scalable.
  • Best Suit for Very Critical Area and Continuous Process application.
  • All types of switchgear can be used similar to Fixed MCC Panels.
  • Easy supervision and Maintenance.

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