Falling Film Evaporators

Falling Film Evaporators from VRL are compact and occupy very less ground space, requiring no heavy structures and platforms. Unique feature involves effective vapor distribution across the calendria and efficient withdrawal of condensate and non-condensable gases from Calendria.

These Evaporators operate with very low temperature gradient between heating vapor and body temperature. As the Juice is travelling down the tube, there is no influence of hydrostatic head on heat transfer.

The Juice distributors at the top of the Falling Film Evaporators are unique in design and ensure assured flow of juice through each tube. PLC-SCADA Automation is provided to maintain required rate of juice recirculation, wetting entire inner surface of tubes, eliminating sugar losses due to overheating of juice. Inorder to ensure wetting of inner surface of tubes even at lower position at bottom of the tube, the tube height is limited to 8 meters.

Effective flashing of vapor from the juice falling down from calendria tubes as well as juice entering from previous body contributes towards higher rate of evaporation. Poly baffle type entrainment catchers provided between vapor flashing zone & vapor outlet from the body are very effective in arresting carry-over of juice particles along with vapor.

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