Molasses conditioners

The Molasses conditioners from VRL is a unique design working under Vacuum utilizing NCG or penultimate body vapor, eliminates use of medium pressure steam or exhaust steam normally used for this application.
It is a static conditioner with no moving parts, contributing to steam economy, along with effective molasses conditioning for crystal free molasses.

The Advantages

  • Normal Molasses Conditioners utilize medium pressure steam for heating molasses in a tank. This results in localized heating, effecting both sugar recovery and color. VRL molasses conditioners are Direct Contact type with very minimum contact time; hence no localized heating, as heating vapor is at a temperature of about 80°C.
  • Saving of steam, which otherwise required in the conventional molasses conditioners.
  • No drives and stirrers, as a result maintenance and power requirement is avoided, in addition to steam saving.
  • Improvement of evaporation rate in evaporators, on account of sweeping effect of non-condensable gases in the last effect calendria.
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