Short Retention Clarifier

The Short Retention Clarifier from VRL is designed to provide Clarified Juice free of suspended solids, by effectively removing impurities with retention time below 40 minutes.
The low retention time of Juice at high temperature in Clarifier, helps in minimizing the sugar loss, improving Clear Juice Purity.
The low retention time also helps in producing clear juice with negligible color development. The Clear Juice Temperature at Clarifier outlet will be around 98 to 99 Degree Centigrade.
This Clarifier is provided with following Controls/ Features to achieve the best possible performance

  • Defecated or Sulphited Juice Flow Stabilization to maintain uniform juice flow to Clarifier flash tank.
  • Use of Direct Contact Juice Heaters will ensure desired temperature rise in Juice before the Juice enters flash tank, helping in better de-aeration.
  • Auto-pH Control System with Milk of Lime Control (And also Sulphur gas control in case of Direct Consumption White Sugar Production) will help in producing high clarity clear juice.
  • Flocculant Dosing Control with respect to Juice Flow.
  • Vapors from Clarifier Flash Tank are recovered & utilized for Filter Juice Heating using Direct Contact Heaters.
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