Multi effect evaporator station is a key component to treat effluents (must / wash). VRL supplies advanced, safe and cost-effective solutions to satisfy any demand of evaporation with a wide range of alternative units and applications.

The following type of evaporators are available for spent wash concentration :

  • → Vertical tube (falling film, forced or natural circulation type)
  • → Horizontal tube (forced circulation type)
  • → Plates (forced or natural circulation type)

They can be supplied with thermal/mechanical vapour compressors to reduce steam consumption.Type and technology of the evaporators are selected according to the specific duty and heat-degradation of the processed product

Other key process parameters, for the correct design of this evaporator station, are the viscosity of the product, the solubility of dissolved salts and the fouling resistance of the heat exchanger walls at the concentration process conditions. All those factors play vital role in the selection of type of evaporators.

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