The distillation and rectification units are designed with optimized capacity and energy conservation. At the same time to reach the highest degree of purity of the distilled products.

A rigorous heat recovery, performed by multiple effects between the columns and use of high efficiency heat exchangers allow the plant to reduce the energy consumption. In the same way importance is given to reduce utilities to help in cost of production.

The above targets are achieved also through the adoption of the most sophisticated and technologically advanced column internals for a high efficiency mass transfer with minimum pressure drops and column diameter.

Energy transfer equipment (re-boilers) is also selected in accordance to the physical characteristics and behavior of the processed fluids. Optimized design of the columns and of the control system will help towards easy plant operations and a constant and accurate control of the plant. Only 0.12 kg of low pressure steam required to anhydrify one liter of ethanol (100%) from 95% up to 99.9% v/v by pervaporation continuous process. The unit is supplied as skid assembled, requiring only a concrete platform to be leaned on and to be connected to client’s utilities.

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