Melt Clarifier

The purpose of melt clarification process is to remove turbidity and color from raw sugar melt liquor by means of flotation separation technique. Color precipitate as required is added in the Buffer tank. Screened melt liquor is heated in Direct Contact Heater and then sent to the reaction tank. The heated melt is treated with Phosphoric acid and lime sucrate. This treated liquor is fed from bottom of the Melt Clarifier. A Portion of the treated melt is sent through a specially designed air saturation tank wherein the liquor is thoroughly mixed with compressed air and enters the melt clarifier main feed inlet. Construction of the clarifier and features adopted in the design are unique. This ensures uniform & undisturbed raw melt in flow as well as clarified melt take off. The scum separated from raw melt is consistent and uniform which is taken out of the clarifier with a slow speed scrapper arm. The scum is discharged into a gutter provided on the periphery of the clarifier. The clarified liquor is discharged in a weir box, where the melt / scum level in the clarifier can be controlled as per scum consistency. The melt clarification system is provided with complete automation to regulate pH temperature, melt flow and chemical dosing Proportional to melt solids. Flocculent is added to the melt liquor before it enters the clarifier. The melt clarifier plays a vital role in downstream process and ensures throughput of refinery plant at rated capacity.